Best GoPro microphone Edutige ETM-008

YouTuber Evan Shanks makes car videos and uses an ETM-008 with his GoPro

We love how some popular YouTubers are using Edutige microphones in their videos. Take Evan Shanks, for example, who talks about cars in a fun and entertaining way. He films using both a DSLR and a GoPro. The GoPro is mainly for in the car scenes, and it’s at those times when he’s rockin’ our ETM-008 unidirectional microphone. Here’s his latest video…

Keen observers will see that Evan has the latest version of the EWS-004 furry windscreen… in brown! But the main thing I want you to listen for is how awesome the audio is in Evan’s videos, and just how Evan has this very cool and fun way of vlogging. Anyway, be sure to check out Evan’s channel and Facebook Page.

10 thoughts on “YouTuber Evan Shanks makes car videos and uses an ETM-008 with his GoPro”

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