You’re Still the One – EIM-003 for iPhone Videos

In this video you’ll hear and see the Edutige EIM-003 external microphone in action connected to an iPhone 6 with an ESL-001 microphone extension cable.

This was the original microphone I tried years ago when I first found out about Edutige. It’s still the go to microphone for iPhone videos if you want the best audio quality from a small, high quality external microphone.

The ESL-001 cable is great for vloggers because it’s about 3ft long, has an input volume control dial and a headphone jack so you can also use it for phone calls or Skype. Cool. Still the one.

1 thought on “You’re Still the One – EIM-003 for iPhone Videos”

  1. thanks for your youtube videos
    i guess the mics are not stereo only mono
    when using the 001 to reduce background and more than 1 person is talking 2,3,4 people
    how would you do that if possible?
    i presume the signal is analog, is there an app for analog,especially for recording
    live music,even analog stereo if possible
    if i use your 3.5 into lightning adapter, will the signal be turned into digital or remain
    thanks for your patience

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