Why You Need an EIM-001 Microphone for Your iPhone 6 [Video]

The iPhone as a Content Creation Tool

The reason people love iPhones so much is because iPhones can do so many things, so well. For small business owners, the iPhone has leveled the playing field and has made it so easy to create high quality video marketing content.  And the iPhone 6’s camera is simply amazing in terms of quality. I love mine!

The iPhone has also made it easy to keep track of things such as lectures and meetings by letting us record whatever we want, whenever we want.

The Problem with the iPhone as a Content Creation Tool: Poor Audio Quality

But the biggest shortcoming in all that is that the built in microphone just doesn’t cut it, especially when it comes to creating content you wish to share with the world, or just your business’ target market. People may not know if you shot your video on an iPhone 4 or iPhone 6, but they will notice if the audio is echoey, noisy, or difficult to hear. People will not stand for bad audio.

The Solution to the Problem: An External Microphone

I realize that you might be skeptical of my solution because you’re reading this on a microphone sales website, but I also know that if you’re reading this, you agree that you need an external microphone for your iPhone 6, or any other generation of iPhone you may be using.

The simplest solution is the EIM-001. And the reason why is because it is gives a significant boost in recording volume and overall sound quality. The EIM-001 is an omnidirectional high gain microphone, meaning it captures sound from all directions and increases the volume of the recording.

Why the EIM-001 is a Great Solution

You can’t always bring a bunch of cables with you and take the time to clip on a lapel mic. But you can easily keep the EIM-001 in your pocket, backpack or purse, then plug it in and away you go. This makes is so convenient to always have a microphone for your iPhone 6 without any bulk or hassle.

You don’t even have to be really close to your sound source because of how the microphone boosts the input volume. Closer is always better, but you can be confident knowing the EIM-001 will get the job done.

If you do need to be closer or will be outside where it’s windy, then have a look at this bundle we put together: Boost Your Sound Bundle.

But Check It Out for Yourself

Here is our latest video demonstrating the EIM-001’s capabilities. Everything was shot using an iPhone 6 and the EIM-001, except where mentioned otherwise. And if you’d like an EIM-001, please click here: EIM-001 Omnidirectional Microphone.

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