Vlogging with a Canon EOS M and the ETM-001 [VIDEO]

Vlogging is extremely popular nowadays and so I wanted to make a video about how to use an Edutige ETM-001 microphone together with a Canon EOS M, or any DSLR camera, to get good audio when filming a vlog. One reason why I wanted to make this video is because I don’t think the majority of people are comfortable going out and filming themselves and using a large microphone on top of their camera. I’m not saying it’s wrong because a shotgun microphone on top of your camera is a great way to record a vlog, but what I am saying is that you might feel more comfortable if people do not notice the equipment you are using. And that might make it easier for you to make your vlog. So, that’s why using an external microphone like the ETM-001 plugged directly into your camera is a nice discrete way to get great audio along with great video.

In this video the camera is never more than about 2 feet away from me but you will hear how big a difference there is between the camera’s built-in microphone and the Edutige ETM-001. One thing that I did was use the manual gain control on the camera to set the volume level before recording. What you are hearing in the video use the same volume setting for both the external microphone and the built-in microphone.

The other thing I want you to listen for is how much wind noise there is when using the EOS M’s built-in microphone versus the ETM-001 with the EWS-003 furry windscreen. While filming the video, the wind was blowing the entire time. But you will notice that there was no wind noise what so ever.

So if you are going to vlog with a Canon DSLR or EOS M, or any other camera and you don’t want to draw attention to yourself by using a big microphone on top of your camera, then check out the ETM-001 and how well it performs.

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