Smart Bundle 1 - Boost Your Sound External Microphone Bundle for iPhone, iPad and Apple Computers

The Boost Your Sound external microphone bundle for iPhone 6/5s/5/4s/4, iPads and Macs is the perfect solution for recording videos, lectures and meetings.


The Smart Bundle 1 is an external microphone kit compatible with all generations of iPhones, iPads, iPod Touches and Apple computers with integrated mic/headphone ports.

At the heart of the bundle is the original EDUTIGE EIM-001. This is a high gain microphone that will significantly boost the sound of your audio recordings. This means you’ll get louder, clearer audio compared to your iPhone, iPad or Apple computer’s built-in microphone.

Who this bundle is good for:

  • Students recording lectures
  • Recording business meetings
  • Making audio notes
  • Shooting videos and recording your voice and your surroundings
  • People who want a simple set up, but demand great sound

Everything in the bundle has been specially chosen to deliver peak performance and to guarantee compatibility. You’ll save time and money because the microphone, cable and furry windscreen are included in one specially priced package.

PLUS… You can use the EIM-001 on its own, plugged directly into your iPhone, iPad or Apple computer.

Smart Bundle 1 Includes

  • 1 EIM-001 Omnidirectional microphone and a foam windscreen
  • 1 ESL-006 4 Pole extension cable (4.3ft)
  • 1 EWS-003 Furry windscreen for recording outdoors