EWS-001 - Replacement Foam Windscreen for Edutige Microphone


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EWS-001 - Replacement Foam Windscreen for Edutige Microphone

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Replacement Foam Windscreen for EDUTIGE Microphone. The foam windscreen that comes with a microphone is essential to the performance of your microphone because it helps reduce breath sounds, plosives from saying words with p, b, t, etc, and it protects your microphone capsule.

But what if you lose it!? What you need is a replacement foam windscreen for your Edutige microphone and lucky for you, we have them. And we even sell them in a package of three so you’ll have extras.

The EWS-001 is a direct replacement for the following Edutige microphonesETM-001, ETM-006, EIM-001, and EIM-003. And the EWS-001 is a bit snug to put on, but it will also fit the ETM-008 and EIM-008.

What’s Included
  • EWS-001 x 3

If you need additional protection from wind, then pair up the EWS-001 with either the EWS-003 furry windscreen for the smaller EDUTIGE microphones or the EWS-004 furry windscreen for the larger ETM-008 or EIM-008.


  • EWS-001 Replacement Foam Windscreen for all Edutige microphones.
  • EWS-003 Premium Furry Windscreen for ETM-001, ETM-006, EIM-001, EIM-003
  • EWS-004 Premium Furry Windscreen  for ETM-008, EIM-008