ESL-004 4-Pole Splitter Cable for EIM Series Microphones


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ESL-004 4-Pole Splitter Cable for EIM Series Microphones

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The ESL-004 splitter cable for EIM series microphones lets you connect two EIM microphones like the EIM-001, EIM-003, or EIM-008 to a single device. That means you can get two microphones into an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Apple computer. It has an input volume control dial so you can fine tune the recording volume depending on the situation.

Please note that the ESL-004 does not produce a stereo effect since the audio input jack on smart devices is only mono. Therefore, stereo recording is not possible.

Why you’d want a splitter cable for EIM series microphones

  • You’re doing an interview for a video or a Podcast and want to record two people’s voices into one device
  • You’re recording yourself singing and playing an instrument and need both vocals and instrument recorded

The ESL-004 has a 6.6ft long cable so the two subjects don’t have to be that close together. That means the two people can comfortably stand apart while they’re talking.

Like all our cables and mics that have cables, the ESL-004 comes with a carrying pouch!