ESL-001 - 4-Pole (TRRS) Microphone/Headphone Y-Splitter Cable

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ESL-001 - 4-Pole (TRRS) Microphone/Headphone Y-Splitter Cable

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Smartphones, tablets, and most laptops today no longer support a dedicated microphone input jack and instead have a mic/headphone combo jack. If the microphone is plugged in the jack, you won’t hear anything from the device’s speaker because it thinks there is a headset already connected.

The ESL-001 lets you plug in a set of headphones to listen and record at the same time – a useful accessory for all Edutige EIM-Series (4-Pole/TRRS) microphones (EIM-001, EIM-003, EIM-008, EIM-009).

This splitter cable is handy in online lectures, live streamings(Facebook, Zoom),  Skype calls, and audio monitoring.


  • Smartphones, tablets, laptops which have a 3.5mm TRRS jack 
  • Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops which have no 3.5mm TRRS jack –> Also need an adapter from the manufacture
    iPhone : Lightning to 3.5mm Headphone Jack Adapter from Apple
    Samsung Galaxy : USB-C Headset Jack Adapter
  • For realtime monitoring, you need an app that support the realtime monitoring such as Apple’s Garage Band to prevent any latency issues 


  • Cable length: Approx. 18.5cm (7.3 inches)
  • Weight: Approx. 11g (0.5 oz)