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EMM-001 - Microphone Mount for iPhone Lightning Adapter

EMM-001 – Microphone Mount for iPhone Lightning Adapter and Samsung usb-c Adapter


The biggest problem connecting an external microphone to your iPhone and Samsung Galaxy smartphone is the adapter dongle. The dongle dangles. The dongle makes it impossible to keep the microphone steady. Nobody wants to walk around with a microphone that’s dangling from their phone.

The EMM-001 microphone mount solves that problem by securing the dongle and letting you point the microphone towards the sound source. It’s a brilliantly simple solution to a baffling problem. 

And it’s only 3 simple steps to use the EMM-001:

1. Clip the dongle into the EMM-001
2. Attach your microphone to the dongle
3. Connect the dongle to your phone. Easy.

Order the EMM-001 today to stop dongle dangling.

What’s Included
  • EMM-001 Microphone Mount for iPhone x 3