How to Set Up Zoom H1 with ETM-008 Unidirectional Lavalier Mic

Using a lavalier microphone with the Zoom H1 is one of the best ways to capture better audio for your videos. This type of audio kit is my favorite because it is reliable, small and produces consistently good audio.

So in this video, we have a look at hooking up the Edutige ETM-008 unidirectional lavalier microphone to the Zoom H1 and what audio input settings I recommend.

The ETM-008 is great when there is unwanted background noise, and is especially helpful for those of you that make videos at home or some other place where noisy neighbours, dogs, cars, kids playing, construction, or all of the above, can make your audio sound less than professional.

One thing to note is that the ETM-008 does NOT boost audio volume. It’s like most microphones… it helps you get closer to the sound source and record it more effectively.

You can also set up any lavalier microphone with a Zoom H1 in the same way. You just need to play around with the input levels to suit your particular lavalier microphone.

Hope you find the video helpful. Let me know if you have any questions.

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