Need help? Check out the Edutige BUYING GUIDE! [Video]

For those of you that have questions about which microphone to get, or if you are totally clueless, or if you just want to confirm what you’ve researched about Edutige microphones, the Edutige Buying Guide will be a great help. 

Find what you need quickly and easily

Whether you need an external microphone for your GoPro Hero4, iPhone or DSLR, you’ll find what you need in our handy Edutige Buying Guide. In the guide, you’ll find our microphones categorized by compatible device. Then you’ll see what that microphone is best suited for recording.

For example, if you have an iPhone and you want something that increases the recording volume, then the EIM-001 is your best choice.

EIM-001 vs EIM-003 iPhone microphone

Bundles of joy and app recommendations, too! 

The Edutige Buying Guide has a section on bundles, which are complete kits made for GoPro or iOS devices. These bundles give you everything you need to record great sound, all at a specially discounted price. Here’s the main GoPro Action Bundle.

And finally, there’s a great section about recommended apps for audio and video recordings. This should help you get the most out of the products you buy from us, and save you time having to find compatible apps yourself.

Check out the video below to learn more, or go straight to the buying guide by clicking HERE.

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4 thoughts on “Need help? Check out the Edutige BUYING GUIDE! [Video]”

  1. Trying to adapt ETM-006 to an HP Elitebook. Can you provide me with a pin-out for your product (purchased from your Amazon storefront in March)? Thank you. Pete Cornell

  2. Hi,

    Can you help with recommending a solution I am tying to achieve please.

    I am looking to purchase a DJI OSMO (which I know it has terrible audio built in)

    I see that your mics are fantastic for this but it still sits, because of the location of the jack next to the gimbal motor.

    If I mounted a OSMO bracket to the device what cable would you recommend and do you supply a suppor clamp for the mic? Can’t say I’ve seen anything like this on your website?

    My idea would be to have a mic like yours attached to the OSMO and then split with a wireless mic receiver attached to the OSMO also with me then wearing a lavelier mic.

    The idea being if anyone then holds the OSMO while filming me I am clearly heard but others I am talking to can also be picked up without us being tethered to the OSMO.

    Many thanks

    1. Hi Robin,

      Thanks for your question. Be glad to help out.

      Your idea for having,essentially, having two microphones going into the OSMO sounds like a good plan. Here are my suggestions:

    2. First, watch this video where I test the ETM-001 with the OSMO:
      Use the ETM-008 or ETM-006, which are lavalier microphones. The ETM-008 is unidirectional so it will reduce/reject background noise. The ETM-006 is like the ETM-001 in the above video in terms of performance. Since either microphone would be further away from the OSMO, they may be better than the ETM-001, but that’s up to you.
    3. Whichever microphone you choose, you could then get the EYL-001 splitter cable. This would allow you to connect the wireless receiver to one end of the cable and the Edutige microphone to the other. The only concern I would have is that because the two audio signals will be recorded onto one file in the OSMO, you won’t be able to set or adjust the audio levels properly, even in editing.
    4. Get two Zoom H1 digital recorders and two ETM-006s or two ETM-008s and don’t connect anything to the OSMO. Connect the microphones to the H1 recorders and give one to your subject, then use one for yourself. You now have two wireless microphones that will give you superior audio quality over plugging something in to the OSMO. You would only need to sync the audio in eating, but this is easy and would give you the best audio quality. It would also be relatively inexpensive compared to a traditional wireless system.
    5. Please see this video for a demonstration of the Zoom H1 and ETM-006:
    6. Hope that helps. Let me know if you have any other questions.

      Thanks again and good luck!


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