You need this accessory to connect an external mic to a GoPro – NOT A CABLE! [VIDEO]

In this video I talk about an essential accessory that you need to connect your GoPro Hero3, Hero3+ or Hero4 with an external microphone. And there is also an apology because I don’t think I ever mentioned this before. It’s not a cable or a microphone, but it’s a special case you need.

GoPro action cameras come with a waterproof housing but to connect an external microphone, you need to use a frame mount or the skeleton housing. For some reason, I wrongly assumed that most people have a frame mount. My bad.

Luckily, a frame mount is relatively cheap and any one will work. The point is that I should’ve mentioned it, instead of assuming people would automatically know. Not sure how I let that slip by because I had to buy a frame mount myself or else I wouldn’t be able to place the GoPro on a tripod or any other GoPro mount.

So please be sure you also pick up a frame mount or a skeleton housing for your GoPro if you don’t already have one so you can connect your Edutige mic and be able to mount your camera somewhere.

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