Microphone Kit for Mobile Journalism or Vlogging with an iPhone

In this video you’ll see and hear the best microphone for iPhone for mobile journalism, mojo, if you want a small, discreet and affordable microphone that offers great audio quality. Perfect for vlogging with an iPhone, too. And that’s ANY iPhone up to the iPhone 6s.

Mojo is something that’s been gaining in popularity. And why not?

The iPhone is an amazing device that can capture both video and audio. The video side of the iPhone, especially the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s, is pretty amazing. Filmmakers are making feature films like Tangerine, big luxury brands like Bentley have shot commercials on iPhones, so there is not reason why journalists, vloggers and business owners can’t use an iPhone to make video content.

Audio is why not

The audio side of things is still lacking. And audio quality is just as important, if not more important than the video quality. But that’s where our Edutige EIM-003 and the ESL-001 extension cable come in to save the day. This is a small, powerful microphone that’s used as a lavalier microphone.

Best Settings for the EIM-003 and ESL-001 or ESL-002

When shooting videos with your iPhone and the EIM-003 and ESL-001 or ESL-002, set the audio input on the cables to the highest setting. Then place the microphone about 6 inches from your subject’s mouth.

Once you’re done and you’re editing your video, you’ll probably need to increase the volume because the EIM-003 does not boost the audio volume the way the EIM-001 does. This is not a problem as far as audio quality goes. If you watch the video in this post, you’ll find that the audio quality is still very good.

Check out the performance of the EIM-003, ESL-001 and the EWS-003 furry windscreen in the video. Then check out the specially priced bundles on our website so you can get great audio for mobile journalism, vlogging or creating marketing videos… like the one I made!

Mojo and Vlogging Bundle: Edutige EIM-003 with ESL-001 (4.3ft long) cable & EWS-003 furry windscreen.

Same bundle but with the longer ESL-002 cable: Edutige EIM-003 with ESL-002 (16.4ft long) cable & EWS-003 furry windscreen.

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