Is the ETM-006 Any Good? Edutige ETM-006 with Zoom H1 Vs Camera Built In Mic [VIDEO]

Is the ETM-006 any good? In this video you’ll see a test of the Edutige ETM-006 with a Zoom H1 compared to my camera’s built in microphone. The ETM-006 is actually my favorite microphone when it comes to making videos with a camera other than my iPhone. The reason is that the audio quality is fantastic, the cable is just the right length, and the microphone is small because it’s connected directly to the cable. Oh, and it has a lapel clip.

The Set Up

ETM-006 external lavaliere microphone for GoPro Hero4 or DSLR 7For this video, I connected my ETM-006 to my Zoom H1. I attached the ETM-006 to my jacket lapel (just out of the shot), put the H1 on the table, and hit record on my NEX-5N.

The only bad thing about this video is that I chose autofocus, instead of manually focusing like I usually do. So you get a bit of me out of focus for few seconds. Not a big deal because the audio is good.

That’s the thing about video… If the audio is good, people can ignore slight mistakes or mishaps with your video.

The ETM-006 is Great for Any Camera

Edutige ETM-006Anyway, if you’re shooting videos with a Canon DSLR, a Panasonic or Olympus mirrorless camera, a Sony NEX or A7 series camera, the DJI Osmo, or even a GoPro, and you need an external microphone for interviews or talking head style videos like this one… try the Edutige ETM-006.

You don’t need a mic input jack on your camera if you use something like the Zoom H1 as your Edutige ETM-006external audio recorder. You could also do this with an old iPhone and an EIM-003 plus an ESL-001 cable. And you know what? That should be my next video!





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