How well does the Edutige ETM-008 unidirectional microphone work with a GoPro?

Here’s a video I made last year about the ETM-008 unidirectional microphone with a GoPro Hero3 that I posted to my own YouTube Channel, but not here directly. This was a pretty special video for me because it was one of the last ones I made in Seoul, South Korea before moving back to Canada permanently. Thanks to my good friend Henry Cho for letting me borrow his GoPro Hero3 that day.

What GoPro Hero cameras is the ETM-008 compatible with?

The cool thing about all the ETM series microphones is that with the EGL-001 mini USB microphone adapter cable, they are compatible with the following GoPro cameras:

  • Hero3 all models
  • Hero3+ all models
  • Hero4 all models

BUT… The entry level Hero is INCOMPATIBLE because it doesn’t have a microphone input jack.

Who should get an ETM-008?

The ETM-008 is best suited for situations where there is a lot of background noise and you only want to capture one sound source, such as when you’re talking. Also, the ETM-008 works best when the sound source is within 6-8 inches away, or a bit further if the sound source is really loud.

Check out the video to see how it works and let me know if you have any questions.

Don’t forget you need the adapter cable

All Hero3, Hero3+ and Hero4 GoPros require a mini USB microphone adapter cable, so be sure to get one or you won’t be able to use the mic!

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