How to Set Up an ETM Series Microphone with a Digital Voice Recorder [VIDEO]

In this video you’ll learn how to set up a digital voice recorder, like a Zoom H1, to use with your Edutige ETM-001, ETM-003, ETM-006 or ETM-008 microphone. This is a great way to get a portable, wireless audio system for DSLR filmmaking.

Yes, it’s a dual system audio set up using an ETM series microphone and you’ll have to sync the audio files in post, but it’s an easy way to get awesome sound for your YouTube videos, marketing videos and any time you want to be a bit more pro with your audio.

You can also use this for dual system audio if you’re filming with an iPhone and want a wireless microphone solution for iPhone videos.

The video shows a Zoom H1 digital voice recorder, but the instructions would be similar for any digital voice recorder with an external microphone jack.

If you go this route, the ETM-003, ETM-006 or ETM-008 would be great choices since they have a cable and, except for the ETM-003, have a lavalier clip.

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