How to Set Up an Edutige ETM Series Microphone with a DSLR [VIDEO]

In this video you’ll learn how to set up an Edutige ETM series microphone like the ETM-001, ETM-003, ETM-006 or ETM-008 with a DSLR or mirrorless camera. The Edutige ETM series microphones are a great choice for DSLR videography because of the compact size, but excellent performance of the microphones.

The Edutige ETM-001 is perfect as a stealthy external microphone for general recording because of it’s small size.

The Edutige ETM-003 is great if you need to place the microphone on a flat surface and keep the mic out of the shot.

The Edutige ETM-006 and ETM-008 are excellent lavalier microphones when you shoot interviews or want to vlog.

The instructions in this video will ensure that you set up your Edutige microphone properly to get the most out of the mic and just have fun making videos.


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