How to Connect the ETM-008 to the iPhone 6 – PLUS a Test of the ETM-008 vs EIM-003 [Video]

We got an interesting question from Rob Hanson of Evenfall Studios about how to connect the ETM-008 3 pole microphone to the iPhone 6 using the ESL-002 extension cable, which requires a 4 pole microphone. Luckily, we have the ETG-003 3 pole to 4 pole microphone adapter to help us do just that.

Here is Rob’s original question:


I am trying to develop a microphone kit for my photo video work. I have a small business I wish to promote with videos, and once upon a time I owned a small sound reinforcement and recording company. While I sold off all that equipment years ago, I recognize the best audio is created using good equipment. I am impressed with what I see and hear in your product line.

I’m currently using an iPhone 6, and I think I’ll be alright doing what I want with apple products for the time being. I see adding the EIM-001 and 003 along with a ESL-002 to my kit soon.

I am also interested in a cardioid pattern microphone, because as you know, when you need to isolate sound, this works best. I think I understand that I can buy the ETM-008 and adapt it to my iPhone with a ETG-003, but I am unclear how to get a 16 foot cable to work with that microphone. Can you tell me what is available with perhaps a lavalier clip? I would like to use it in a similar way that I can the setup I mentioned from the EIM line.

Can you offer suggestions or explanations, or perhaps a cable 16 feet long for the ETM-008? A unidirectional Mic for the EIM line would also be a great option.

I look forward to your advice and feedback and thank you!

So here’s how to do it:

  1. Connect ETM-008 to ETG-003 3 pole to 4 pole adapter. You can connect the ETM-008 directly without the microphone’s included cable, too.
  2. Plug the ETG-003 into the microphone input of the ESL-002 extension cable.
  3. Plug the ESL-002’s connector into the iPhone 6. DONE!

Just be sure to always use Airplane Mode to prevent signal interference from cellular, wifi and to prevent any calls or messages mucking up your video while you’re shooting.

For the more visually inclined, here are two videos. The first is how to connect the ETM-008 to the iPhone 6. The second video demonstrates the difference between the ETM-008 vs the EIM-003 with the iPhone 6. Please note that the gain on the ESL-002 cable was set to 8 and I did not adjust the levels in editing.

How to Connect ETM-008 to iPhone 6

ETM-008 vs EIM-003 with ESL-002 and the iPhone 6

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