How the Edutige Promo Video was Shot

Wanted to post our Edutige America promo video to the blog because it’s a great little demo for the ETM-001 (GoPro, DSLR, PC) and EIM-001 (Apple & iOS). I wanted you to not only hear the differences between the various built in microphones and the Edutige microphones, but I also wanted you to see what the Edutige mics look like when connected to your GoPro, DSLR or mirrorless camera, or your iPhone.

Small Size, Big Sound

What’s great about the microphones is their small size, but big sound! It’s so easy to have a discreet camera setup, yet capture great quality audio. The biggest difference is definitely with the GoPro Hero4. For some reason, the Hero4’s built in microphone is particularly unimpressive. But the ETM-001 really helps to give the video a super clean, nicely amplified sound.

How did you get those dual shots?

I set up a second camera right behind my GoPro, Canon EOS M and iPhone 6. I hit record on both cameras, then edited everything together in Final Cut Pro X. Final Cut has a great multi-cam tool that combines different camera angles into one file. This made it super easy to have the footage cut back and forth between the GoPro, EOS M or iPhone and the second camera behind them.

Want to learn more about shooting video?

If you’re making videos for your business using our mics, let me know if you have any questions. I’d be happy to help if I can to ensure you make something awesome. Video marketing is such a huge part of content marketing so if you have any questions about how to shoot videos, let me know!

Anyway, here’s the Edutige America promo video once again…


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