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1. Do I need an extension cable to use any of the microphones?

No. All the microphones are designed to work by plugging them directly into your device.

2. Do the EIM-001, EIM-003, and EIM-004 work with the iPhone 5?

Yes, they will work with the iPhone 5.

3. What is the difference between the EIM-001 and EIM-003?

The EIM-001 and EIM-003 are for getting a louder input volume compared to your Apple device’s built-in microphone. The EIM-001 is the ideal mic for recording lectures, business meetings, or any situation where the person can’t speak directly into your device.

The EIM-003 can perform the same type of function as the EIM-001 and is specially designed for monitoring music. The EIM-003 is also great for recording audio for video because it captures sound in it’s natural state. You will notice that the EIM-003’s recording volume is not significantly higher than the Apple device’s built-in mic, but the captured sound will be much clearer and cleaner.

4. How can I reduce noise in the recording?

Sometimes, noise can be caused by interference from your device or other nearby electronic equipment. In particular, interference from digital signals from cellular networks can cause noise.

Some tips to reduce or avoid noise are to always switch your device to Airplane Mode and unplug any unnecessary electronic equipment in the room. You can also try different recording apps. We recommend ClearRecord, as it features an ambient noise reduction (ANR) setting.

If you’re using the iMicrophone with your laptop, try unplugging your laptop while recording because interference from the outlet can enter your recording.

5. Where are Edutige microphones made?

Our company headquarters is based in Seoul, S. Korea. Our R&D and manufacturing are in South Korea so all our products are delivered to you from S. Korea.

6. What is the difference between similar-looking microphones on Amazon and eBay and Edutige microphones?

There are several significant differences. First of all, Edutige microphones are made from brass, whereas the el cheapo mics found elsewhere are plastic. Inside, Edutige microphones are carefully assembled like a fine watch, so they are built to last.

Think of Edutige microphones as Rolls Royces and the cheap microphones as cardboard boxes pulled by an old piece of string.

And something else you won’t find with those cheap mics is a 1 year warranty from date of purchase.

7. Which microphone should I use for recording music or singing with my iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch?

The EIM-003 would be best, but if you’re recording very loud music or drums, then go for the EIM-004.

8. Can I use my phone’s built-in recording app or do I need a special recording app?

The built-in recording app, like Apple’s Voice Memos app, is fine since it’s the easiest. However, if you want a little more control over the recording in terms of quality, then try a special recording app.

In the product demo videos here on the site, ClearRecord was used. ClearRecord works well because it has an ambient noise reduction (ANR) setting.¬†Others such as Fire, Recorder Pro, VoiceRecord, Griffin’s iTalk, or even Apple’s GarageBand would also work.

9. Can I use Edutige microphones for podcasting?

Absolutely! We recommend the EIM-003 since it works well up close to the person speaking and has a lower noise floor. In addition, here are some tips for getting good quality sound for podcasting when using an Edutige microphone…

  1. If using a laptop, unplug it before recording with any of the iMicrophones.
  2. When using your mobile device, switch to Airplane Mode to reduce interference and to avoid unwanted calls or messages while you’re recording.
  3. If using your iPhone with the EIM-003, keep the mic about 6-10 inches away from your mouth.
  4. For the ESL-001, clip the microphone about mid-chest level or slightly lower.

10. What kind of warranty is there on Edutige microphones and accessories and what is your return policy?

Please see our Shipping, Warranty & Return page for all the details.

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