What external microphone for your GoPro – Edutige Action Bundle 1 vs Action Bundle 2 [VIDEO]

In this video you’ll get some tips on choosing the right external microphone for your GoPro. Two of our most popular microphones for GoPro are the Edutige ETM-001 and ETM-008. We sell them both as bundles that include the microphone adapter cable for GoPro, a furry windscreen and the microphone. One mic is omnidirectional and the other is unidirectional. There’s a cool way to get the best of both worlds, so check out the video to learn more, or skip down and read about it.

Omnidirectional or Unidirectional

When choosing an external microphone for your GoPro, you’ll need to decide if you need an omnidirectional microphone like the ETM-001 or a unidirectional microphone like the ETM-008. In most cases, the ETM-001 will do the trick and is usually the microphone we recommend you start out with. BUT…

When you have background noise

You’re going to want to look at the ETM-008 as an external mic for your GoPro if you will be recording and want to focus your recording on a single sound source. And you have to be ok with having the ETM-008 12 inches or less from your subject because the ETM-008 works best up close.

For example, if you are vlogging, interviewing someone or making a marketing video and the surroundings aren’t quiet enough, then the ETM-008 used as a lavalier mic for your GoPro will work perfectly.

On the other hand

If you want to record from a distance or if having some ambient sound is ok, and if you need a boost in recording volume, then the ETM-001 is the mic for you.

A cool tip to get the best of both worlds

Let’s say you can’t decide which external microphone to get for your GoPro… Sometimes you need the ETM-008 and other times you need the ETM-001. Well, a great way to get both and save some money is to get the Action Bundle 2 with the ETM-008 and pick up the ETM-001 separately.

You’ll not only save some money, but the ETM-001 will work with the ETM-008’s cable and the EWS-004 furry windscreen will fit the ETM-001, too! Win-win!

So if you need to get an external microphone for your GoPro… and who doesn’t because the GoPro’s internal mic is less than stellar, then have a look at the Action Bundles.

If you still can’t decide, please get in touch or leave your question below and I’ll do my best to help you choose.


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