External Microphone for the DJI Osmo – Edutige ETM-001 [VIDEO]

Need an external microphone for the DJI Osmo? In this video we test an Edutige ETM-001 external microphone with a DJI Osmo to see what the fuss is all about because it seems like a lot of people have issues with the Osmo’s sound quality. And the people are right! The audio from the Osmo is not that good. There is a huge difference when connecting the ETM-001 to the Osmo. I’m going to guess that any external microphone for the DJI Osmo will be an improvement.

The ETM-001 is a good choice because it’s a small external microphone for the DJI Osmo that’s great on-the-go. I’m not sure that it’s a great idea, looks-wise and convenience-wise, to mount a shotgun style microphone to the side of the Osmo. Isn’t the point to have a small device that can go anywhere and be easy to use?

Anyway, the ETM-001 plugs directly into the front of the DJI Osmo. Does it pick up the gyro motor? Yes. Is it bad? That’s up to you, but when you’re outside, you probably won’t notice it much.

If you’re only recording your voice and you don’t mind a cable, then try the ETM-008 for the DJI Osmo because that mic will definitely reduce the noise from the Osmo’s motors.

And if you want a lavalier mic but want the same audio quality as the ETM-001, then get the ETM-006, as it’s the same mic but it comes with a lavalier cable and lapel clip.

One thing I noticed is that the audio starts out in sync, but then slowly seems to go out of sync. Has anyone else noticed this?

Anyway, if you need an external microphone for the DJI Osmo, then check out the Edutige ETM-001 here.


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