ETM-006 vs ETM-008 – Should you get an omnidirectional or unidirectional microphone? [VIDEO]

ETM-006 external lavaliere microphone for GoPro Hero4 or DSLRThe ultimate smackdown! ETM-006 vs ETM-008… Ok, not really. But should you get an omnidirectional or unidirectional microphone? That’s sort of an ultimate question, though. In this video you’ll learn about the difference between an omnidirectional microphone and a unidirectional microphone and you’ll see a comparison between the Edutige ETM-006 omnidirectional mic and the ETM-008 unidirectional mic.

What’s the difference?

The main difference between an omnidirectional microphone and a unidirectional microphone is that an omnidirectional microphone records sound from 360 degrees around the microphone capsule and a unidirectional mic records sounds mainly from in front of the microphone capsule.

When you should use an omnidirectional microphone

ETM-001external microphone for GoPro & DSLR or mirrorless cameras 4 An omnidirectional microphone is probably the most versatile and can be used in any situation. The ETM-001 or EIM-001, even though they don’t have a cable, are still great for capturing higher quality sound and louder audio when you need something on-the-go.

For example, like when you’re traveling or heading out for the day and you don’t want cables, or when you don’t need something big and attention getting.

Omnidirectional microphones include the ETM-001, ETM-006, EIM-001 and EIM-003.

ETM-008 external microphone for GoPro Hero4 Hero3+ Hero3When you should use an unidirectional microphone

A unidirectional microphone is specially designed to reject sounds from the sides and back of the microphone. So a unidirectional microphone is best used when the background noise is louder than what you are recording.
For example, let’s say you want to film yourself talking about seashells (who doesn’t want to do that, right?) and you’re standing on a beach and the waves are crashing, making a lot of noise in the background. A unidirectional microphone is perfect for this because it will allow your voice to be recorded much more clearly, while reducing the sounds of the waves.

Unidirectional microphones include the ETM-008 and EIM-008.

Check out the video to decide which one you need for your particular situation, since different microphones are needed for different situations.

Let me know which one you prefer, or if you have any questions or comments.

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