ETM-001 with GoPro Hero4 Black at the Beach [VIDEO]

In this video you’ll hear how the ETM-001 external microphone works with a GoPro Hero4 Black. The ETM-001 is a great microphone for making travel videos with your GoPro because you can point it in any direction and the recording volume is much louder than the GoPro’s built in microphone.

Btw, the ETM-001 and the EGL-001 adapter cable also work with the GoPro Hero3 and Hero3+.

Notice how clear the waves sound in the video when the ETM-001 is connected. I was sitting about 2-3 feet away from the camera so my voice is picked up quite clearly.

It wasn’t windy, but if it was, I would have used the EWS-003 furry windscreen to reduce wind noise. Wind noise is a big problem for GoPro cameras, but with an external microphone like the ETM-001 and the EWS-003 furry windscreen, you can dramatically reduce wind noise.

Check out the specially priced Action Bundle that includes the ETM-001 microphone, EGL-001 mini USB microphone adapter cable for GoPro and the EWS-003:

ETM-001 omnidirectional microphone:
EGL-001 mini USB microphone adapter cable for GoPro:
EWS-003 furry windscreen:

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