An Edutige Mini Shotgun Microphone?

One of the best ways to improve the audio quality of your videos is to use shotgun microphone mounted above your head and pointing down towards your mouth. It’s a set up you will see in movies, TV shows and sit down interviews. Usually, the microphone is placed just out of frame, meaning it is about 1-3 feet away from the person speaking. So I wanted to use our ETM-008 unidirectional microphone as a mini shotgun microphone and see how it performed.

As you can hear in the video, the audio is pretty good, especially considering the mic is plugged in directly to my camera and the room is very echoey.

So the ETM-008 definitely works as mini boom microphone for people who are vlogging or creating any other type of video content.

This type of setup does a few things:

  • It takes the mic out of the shot.
  • Makes setting up easier because you don’t need to wire up a lavalier mic.
  • The microphone is close to my mouth, which is key for getting good audio.
  • And it’s kinda cool that the ETM-008 can be used in this way.

How I mounted it

It was simpler than I thought to mount the microphone. I just clipped it to my table top microphone boom arm. The arm is just like those clamping desk lamps with the flexible arm.

Then I simply positioned the microphone so that it was pointed at my mouth. This was important.

I first tried it pointing directly down and the audio wasn’t as loud. The ETM-008 definitely needs to be pointed at the sound source to work effectively.

Anyway, hope you find that useful. Let me know if you have any questions about using our microphones of if you have any creative solutions or ideas, too.

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