Edutige EWS-003 vs EWS-004 – What’s the difference? [VIDEO]

In this video you’ll learn the difference between the Edutige EWS-003 and EWS-004 furry windscreens. These windscreens come in the external microphone Action Bundles for GoPro action cams to help reduce wind noise, but you may not know the difference between the two. Hopefully, this will help you decide which one is right for you.

The stuff that’s the same

Both the Edutige EWS-003 and EWS-004 are effective at reducing wind noise, and are especially good for anyone using a GoPro. GoPros are notoriously bad when it comes to wind noise so if you’re filming with your Hero3, Hero3+ or Hero4 and your tired of hearing more wind noise than people talking or the action you’re trying to capture, it’s time to get either an Edutige EWS-003 or EWS-004.

They’re both hand made

Yep, the EWS-003 and EWS-004 are carefully assembled by hand in our Edutige head office in South Korea. The fur is synthetic and the windscreens are acoustically transparent, meaning audio volume and quality are maintained.

The stuff that’s different

This is actually pretty easy… The EWS-003 is smaller and works with all Edutige microphones, except the ETM-008 and EIM-008. Those two microphones are bigger is why.

So that’s why we have the EWS-004, because, you guessed it, the EWS-004 is bigger and works with the ETM-008 or EIM-008.

A cool thing about the EWS-004

I probably shouldn’t tell you this but since the EWS-004 is bigger, it fits ALL Edutige microphones. That means you could just get one EWS-004 and you’ll be covered (pun intended) no matter what microphones you have. Of course, nothing is stopping you from getting both the EWS-003 and EWS-004 so you don’t have to swap windscreens 🙂

Hope that answers the differences between the EWS-003 and EWS-004.

Let me know if you have any questions.


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