Edutige ETM-006 with Zoom H1 Test Disguised as a Presentation Tips Video

Some of you may know I have a presentation tips website called It’s the site that got me started making videos and ultimately, becoming a presentations consultant, and also a video content marketing consultant. Anyway, content for that site is what led me to buying an EIM-003 and making videos with my iPhone.

ETM-006 with Zoom H1 Test Disguised as a presentation tips video

People have a fear of public speaking, of giving presentations, of standing up in front of a crowd and speaking. I made a new video with 5 quick tips for overcoming the fear of giving a presentation and I recorded the audio using an ETM-006 connected to a Zoom H1 digital voice recorder.

I personally love the ETM-006 and it’s likely my own personal favorite microphone because of well it plays with different devices and because of the sound quality.

Budget, high quality wireless lavalier microphone

The ETM-006 connected to a Zoom H1 makes a fantastic wireless lavalier style microphone for those of you making videos. I could connect the ETM-006 directly to my Canon EOS M camera but I like the flexibility of a wireless set up and the audio quality when combining the ETM-006 with the H1.

The H1 fits in your pocket and with the ETM-006 clipped to your lapel, you can literally record great audio almost anywhere.

Setting up the ETM-006 with the Zoom H1

Simply connect the ETM-006 to the H1’s Line In jack and set the audio input level to about 20. The ETM-006 boosts audio volume so you don’t need to crank up the H1.

This is great because it ensures your recording doesn’t have a lot of external sounds that you don’t want getting in.

How to record dual audio

This is easy. Hit record on your camera, hit record on the H1, then clap three times to create audio spikes you’ll use later to sync the audio. Syncing literally takes 20-30 seconds so this is not a big deal, especially for the convenience of high quality wireless audio for your videos.

3 Steps to sync external audio from the ETM-006 and H1 with your camera’s audio

  1. Load the video into your editor, then drag the H1’s audio under the video in the editor.
  2. Look for the three claps you did at the beginning of the video. Then line up the audio spikes from the H1 with the camera’s audio.
  3. Mute the camera’s audio by either switching it off in your video editor or turning the volume to zero.

The Result

Watch and listen to the video. I made this in my very echoey apartment and the audio sounds pretty darn good to me. And the video quality is top notch because I used a camera with a large sensor and a nice lens. Is that necessary?

No, because your iPhone is great, too. I like this set up because I can see myself when recording by connecting an external video monitor.

Main thing is the audio is great and will make your audience happy. Hope you liked this Edutige ETM-006 with Zoom H1 test. Check it out and let me know if you have any questions or comments.


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PPS And here is how I use this video as part of my content marketing strategy on my own site.

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