Edutige Action Bundle for GoPro – How to reduce wind noise and improve audio quality

Edutige Action Bundle for GoPro – How to reduce wind noise and improve audio quality

In this video, you’re going to hear a test of the Edutige Action Bundle for the GoPro Hero4 (Hero3+ & Hero3, too!) and how it can reduce wind noise and improve the GoPro’s audio quality. GoPro cameras are fantastic and I love mine but the biggest problem with all GoPros is their really poor audio quality, which is why most videos put out by GoPro don’t have any audio. But for those of you that want to use your GoPro for vlogging or making any other kind of videos, such as travel videos, you definitely want to get better audio; otherwise, your videos are going to be kind of unwatchable.

The Solution – The Action Bundle 1

So we have the ETM-001 microphone that is fantastic for the GoPro because it significantly increases the volume of the audio recordings but one issue remains: Wind noise. The GoPro suffers from really bad wind noise, and when you put on the ETM-001, you will still get wind noise. So that’s why we have the EWS-003 furry windscreen.

Wind noise sucks but we got you covered…literally

The EWS-003 was specially designed to work with our microphones to reduce wind noise. So check out the video to see how the EWS-003 performs together with the ETM-001. In particular listen to how well the microphone picks up the sound of people talking and other things going on around the camera. That’s what makes the ETM-001 or ETM-006 so great for vlogging or travel videos.

Anyway, check out the video of the ETM-001 together with the GoPro hero for and let me know if you have any comments or questions about which microphone is best for you.

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