Birding – Which Microphone for Recording Bird Sounds with an iPhone

In this video is a comparison between two external iPhone microphones for birding: the EIM-003 and EIM-001. Hopefully, this helps those of you that are into birding with your iPhone to get an idea as to which external microphone would work best for you.

I used the built in Voice Memos app on my iPhone 6 for this test, btw.

And if you need a different test, please let me know and I’ll be happy to try again. I’m not a birder so this was kind of me just, ahem, winging it. Sorry. Bad pun but couldn’t help myself.

Sad bird jokes aside…

I really do hope this comparison between these two microphones is useful. Personally, I’d think the EIM-001 would be a better choice because it boosts the audio. But after increasing the EIM-003’s audio levels, it did sound slightly better, which it should since the EIM-003 was designed for recording music.

But with anything like this, it’s totally up to you so hopefully, whichever mic you choose to record bird sounds on your iPhone with sounds good to the only person that matters… You!

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