Why EDUTIGE Microphones?

Do I need an EIM or ETM Microphone?


iOS, Android, Windows Devices

The Edutige EIM-Series are 3.5mm 4 pole microphones made for Apple(iOS) devices & Android phones and tablets



DLSRs, GoPros, Recorders

The Edutige ETM-Series are 3.5mm 3 pole microphones designed for all DSLRs, GoPro action cams, digital voice recorders & most camcorders


“Great way to enhance your GoPro audio.”

Todd S.

“Awesome product. Great addition to the GoPro.”


“This microphone worked great.”

BT San Diego

“I have one and they are super duper awesome for the price they are! Strongly recommend”


“Works perfect and sounds crystal clear, no issues whatsoever with it”

Isaiah Juarez


You’re Still the One – EIM-003 for iPhone Videos

In this video you’ll hear and see the Edutige EIM-003 external microphone in action connected to an iPhone 6 with an ESL-001 microphone extension cable. This was the original microphone I tried years ago when I first found out about...

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How to Film Yourself When Using an iPhone

A big problem when filming with an iPhone is not being to see yourself when using the back camera. The iPhone has an awesome camera but it’s way harder to use it when you can’t see yourself. So here’s a tip on how to film yourself when using an iPhone....

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Which External Microphone for the Canon EOS M?

The Canon EOS M is an awesome camera. Don’t let people tell you it’s not, especially for video. I have had one for a couple of years and I love it. It made it easy to replace my Canon DSLR. One great thing is that the EOS M has an external microphone jack, so in this...

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