Smart Bundle 3: iOS Mojo and Vlogging Microphone for Your iPhone, iPad or Apple Computer

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Musicians! Get high quality monitoring for your iPhone, iPad or Mac with the Edutige EIM-003, ESL-001 cable and EWS-003 windscreen. Great sound. Special price!

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Product Description

For mobile journalists or vloggers who want an awesome external microphone for your iPhone, iPad or Mac. No more worries, time or money spent looking for the right microphone to make videos or record audio on the go. The iOS Mojo and Vlogging Bundle will give you the sound quality you demand.

Who the Smart Bundle 3 is for:

If you’re a mobile journalist or vlogger using an iPhone, then you’ve probably heard of or tried different external microphones already. Some were good, some not so good. Some are rather large and require adapter cables and other gear just to get set up.

But if the point of using an iPhone is to be fast moving, portable and convenient, why would you want to stick a big mic on your phone, which can also draw unwanted attention to you and your gear??

The Smart Bundle 3 gives you great quality audio in a small, discrete package that won’t break the bank… or your managing editor’s wallet.

The iOS Mojo and Vlogging Bundle includes:

  1. 1 EIM-003 omnidirectional microphone with foam windscreen
  2. 1 ESL-001 4 pole extension cable with input gain dial and headphone out jack
  3. 1 EWS-003 furry windscreen when recording outdoors or singing into the microphone



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