ESL-002 – Extension Cable for EIM Series Microphones (5m/16.4ft)


Product Description

External Microphone Extension Cable for iPhone, iPad & all Apple Computers

The ESL-002 is an external microphone extension cable for iPhone 6, all previous generation iPhones, all iPads and Apple computers.

The extension cable measures 5 meters in length, or about 16.4ft. This makes the ESL-002 the perfect companion for anyone shooting videos and wants to be further away from your camera. This will give you the freedom to move around and frame more of yourself in the shot.

The ESL-002 is compatible with the Edutige EIM-001 and EIM-003 microphones.

Easy to useā€¦Plug the end of the cable into your device. Plug your EIM series microphone into mic jack and clip the mic onto your clothing. Turn on your audio or video app. Set up, hit record. Done!

What’s Included

The ESL-002 also comes with a handy leather pouch to keep your mic and the cable in one place.

Technical Specs

  • Cable length: Approx. 5m (16.4ft)
  • Weight: Approx. 24.6g (0.9)
  • Microphone volume control
  • Earphone jack for audio monitoring (for apps that support audio monitoring)

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