Action Bundle – External Microphone Kit for GoPro Hero4/3+/3

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Action Bundle – Boost Recording Volume with External Microphone for GoPro Hero4/3+3 Recording Kit

Product Description

Save time and money by getting your external microphone for your GoPro Hero4, 3+ or 3 as a complete kit. The External Microphone Bundle for GoPro is our most popular setup for getting great audio with your GoPro Hero4, 3+ or 3.

The Action Bundle includes everything you need to record great audio with your GoPro Hero4/3+/3.

Get the Action Bundle for a special package price of $79.

And still get FREE SHIPPING in the US.


  • 1 ETM-001 Omnidirectional Microphone (with foam windscreen)
  • 1 EGL-001 Mini USB Microphone Adapter Cable
  • 1 EWS-003 Furry Windscreen (in BLACK)

Why get the bundle?

Simple. To get great audio from your GoPro Hero4/3+/3 you need an external microphone like the ETM-001. But you can’t simply connect the mic to the GoPro because you need the EGL-001 adapter cable. Then if you’re shooting any videos outside or if you’re running, walking, cycling or blasting down the freeway on your motorbike (at legal speeds, of course), you’ll need the EWS-003 furry windscreen to greatly reduce wind noise.

If you have a GoPro Hero4, 3+ or 3 and you want the best audio possible in a small package, then this is it.

Chris seems to like the Action Bundle. His video is down below…

“Hey Carl, I was very impressed with the Mic in action. I received multiple compliments from friends who frequent the channel about how big of a difference it is. Loving it!”

Edutige ETM-001 external microphone for GoPro


  • No more searching online for what’s compatible
  • No more worries about quality
  • No more dealing with unauthorized online retailers selling old products and not offering our 1 year warranty
  • No waiting by getting everything at once
  • A DISCOUNT!! Get all three products for one terrific price!

Check out the videos to hear and see what you get

Wanted to share the video below from Northside Distillery in Cincinnati, OH. They are vlogging with a GoPro and using our Edutige ETM-001 and they also have the EWS-003 furry windscreen. Anyway, the video is a great look into the distillery and so I wanted to share what they’re doing and how people are using their GoPros and our Edutige mics.

If you want to vlog with your GoPro, check out the Action Bundle for GoPro for everything you need and check out Northside Distillery’s vlog…

1 review for Action Bundle – External Microphone Kit for GoPro Hero4/3+/3

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    I purchased this as someone who records many things on a GoPro outdoors, and in higher elevations where wind noise is a huge issue, my video unboxing and demo is actually featured on this sites description page at the moment. I was extremely impressed with what the bundle did for the overall audio quality of my videos. As we all know the GoPro mic is pretty lacking. This kit makes up for that.

    The mic

    The mic itself is omni-directional so it will pick up audio in every direction. This is good for me in an outdoors environment as it picks up the sounds of nature as well as myself. It seems to get a perfect blend of my voice and background every time which is a plus. I have not tried it really in very noisy or crowded city type environments but for my purposes it works great. It is also small enough that finding a desirable mounting setup with my GoPro rig was actually pretty easy.

    The Windscreen

    The windscreen is excellent and does its job wonderfully. One of the big reasons I went with this setup was to kill the dreaded wind noise I experienced from the stock GoPro mic. It does the job admirably. If you catch any of my hiking videos posted after May 1st 2016 there is currently a 99.99999% chance I am using this system so check out some of the videos to catch the wind noise difference (by catch I mean you wont hear it because the wind screen works excellent). There is also a string attached to the windscreen that you can tighten and lock into place with a sliding metal piece that helps the screen grip the mic better so it does not fall off. It works great as well. I have not experienced the windscreen sliding off ever (I did work out a little rubber band fail safe system though in the event it did slide off the wind screen would just hang from the rubber band till I reattached it). All in all an excellent little wind screen.

    The cable

    The cable is built excellent. No doubt in my mind. The cable feels of quality, the ends are well constructed and the lapel style clip is made of metal. For the everyday user you will more than likely not have any issue and in fact will most likely love the cable. As for me, I have owned two of the cables and just purchased a third. One came in this kit, one in another kit (I also purchased the Action bundle 2 with the ETM-008) and as mentioned I just purchased my third. The cable I got in the action bundle 2 I had an issue with. However, Edutige’s customer service was more than happy to look into it. I sent them back the cable and they have been nothing but helpful in resolving the situation. The one I got with this bundle I just had a terrible mishap with after a recent hike, where my GoPro rig was attached to the side of my backpack and the pack fell over…onto the GoPro and thus the mic cable still plugged into the GoPro took a brunt of the force and bent the mini USB plug badly, rendering the cable no longer usable. While this is in no way a fault of Edutige it is a reminder to treat the cable gently (something I try to do but in the outdoors environment things happen). These cables aren’t met to be crushed by a backpack clearly 🙂 This incident is what spurred me to buy a third cable. With that said I clearly have no doubt in the cables quality, and even with the issues I had I genuinely do believe it is a great cable.

    All in all I really love the system, the people at Edutige have been very communicative with me, and the price is fair. It does everything I needed. The only other thing I could really ask is for Edutige to make some kind of bullet proof cable to survive my clumsiness outdoors!

    ChrisGoesOutdoors on YouTube and Instagram

    • Carl Kwan

      Thanks Chris! Epic review! Much appreciated!

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