Best lavalier microphone for Zoom H1

How to Set Up the Zoom H1 with a Lavalier Microphone

The Zoom H1 digital voice recorder is one of my favorite devices for making videos and recording audio using an external microphone like the Edutige ETM-006. In this video, you’ll learn how easy it is to set up the ETM-006, or any other lavalier microphone, with the H1.

A few key points from the video:

Plug the microphone in securely so “Line In” shows in the display to ensure the mic is properly connected.

Set the input audio level manually so your audio is approximately -12dB. This ensures your recording isn’t too loud or quiet, and will let you to adjust the volume in editing to -6dB, which is a sort of standard audio level setting.

Press record then flick the on/off switch to Hold to ensure you don’t accidentally change a setting or stop recording.

Hope that helps. If you need a lavalier microphone for the Zoom H1, check out the ETM-006.

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  1. hi there thanks a lot for your help but i also faced a problem with second mic i have ordered and just don’t work is there any settings that i need to set for mic ?

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